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Rugs need regular cleaning, and it is not easy to do it yourself. Even regular vacuuming is not enough. There are allergens and dust particles that stick to the inner layers and need a thorough cleaning. Therefore, UCM Rug Cleaning Manhattan brings the best rug cleaning services for you. From cleaning the rugs to disinfecting them, our professionals perform all the necessary steps. Each and every fiber is inspected and cleaned. No matter how tough the stains might be, our team of best rug cleaners in Manhattan will remove them. Once you get your rugs cleaned through our people, you won't need anyone else.

Our huge range of services include:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Shampooing and conditioning
  • Disinfecting
  • and more!

Using the right techniques, we can make your rugs good as new.

FREE Pickup and Delivery

Nothing could be easier. We offer free pickup and delivery service for your rugs. We can come to your home or office and collect the rugs for cleaning. Once all treatments are done to perfection, we will roll the rugs up, deliver them back to you, clean and ready to unroll.

We are happy to pick up your rug anywhere in Manhattan, including:
Upper Manhattan, UES, UWS, Midtown Manhattan, LES, LWS, Downtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan

We offer the best solutions for both residential and commercial placed rugs. Commercial buildings have a high number of people, so the flooring has to bear more traffic. Thankfully, UCM Rug Cleaning Manhattan has modern equipment that can clear out all the dirt from your old and heavy traffic area rugs. Our technique is effective enough to remove tough stains without damaging the texture. Likewise, our residential rug cleaning services are also top-notch. The cleaners come to your home, and then either clean the rug immediately on site or pick up the rug and then start the cleaning process at our specialized facility. After your rug is properly cleaned and dried we deliver it to your place at the scheduled date. By choosing our quality services, you can keep your offices and homes up to date and fresh.

The best way to clean a rug is by identifying the material. Our rug cleaning specialists need to see the textile and manufacturing fiber, to know what kind of cleaning solution and method to use. Once the identification is done, then the actual process starts. If the rug is used a lot, then the simple vacuuming will not be enough. With the help of specialized equipment, we extract dirt and debris from your carpet, applying a cleaning solution. It consists of shampoo or detergent. The chemical is kept for some time and then washed off. Then the rug is rinsed, and finally, excess water is dried out. At the very end of the rug cleaning process, a disinfectant is applied if required. It kills the remaining germs.

To clean an area rug or an oriental piece thoroughly, we start with the inspection process. After inspecting the material, the dust and dirt are cleared off. To effectively remove dirt particles, we use compressed air dusting equipment. Then comes the washing step where rugs are shampooed to remove stains. For Oriental rug cleaning, the washing process is different; since they are delicate, specific cleaning solutions are used. Once everything is washed, the team dries out every piece. Throughout the process, our professional rug cleaning team makes sure that your expensive belongings remain protected.

Here at UCM Rug Cleaning Manhattan, you will find the best options for your rugs. We wash every piece and clean everything in depth. Our technicians perform inspection, dusting, washing, shampooing, and much more. Moreover, our team can clean your rugs right in front of you or at our specialized facility. You can choose any option you like. If you want the pieces to be cleaned in front of you, then our team brings in all the supplies. So, call our helpline at 332-233-9499 and arrange an appointment today. You will not find better cleaners for your rugs in Manhattan.

We eliminate all of the dirt,
dust and build-up on your rug, bringing out its true beauty once again!
We strive to offer a great service to be proud of!
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